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Our story

Since 1885
DADOU has been welcoming native and visiting Parisians.

By playing detective, we discovered that the history of our hotel can be traced back to 1885, even before the inauguration of the Eiffel Tower in 1889, the opening of the Ritz Paris in 1898, the launch of the first metro line in 1900 or the appearance of the Crillon in 1909... Yes, that's it! Our irrefutable proof? A small advertisement in the Figaro of the time to inform that the hotel, historically called the Troyon, was looking for a valet who was also a good cook... And yes, rigour was already the order of the day with our elders.

Taken over in 2019 by Sidonie Dubrule-Arnaud and Guillaume Arnaud, the Troyon became Dadou after two years of major works, a lot of elbow grease and a few hazards (thank you Mr Covid...). Already owners of two family hotels in Boulogne-Billancourt, these hotel lovers wanted to expand into Paris. Little by little, the idea of offering a mischievous reinterpretation of the classic Parisian boutique-hotel germinated in their minds and the siblings had fun twisting the codes of this Haussmannian building (dressed stones, maids' rooms, caretaker's lodge...). Designed as a true Parisian pied-à-terre, DADOU makes it a point of honour to follow no rules, except that of making you feel good.